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  • Clayathon 2022 - Virtual Retreat and Workshops

    Heavy Metal and/or Custum Findings - virual classes sign in here

    Heavy Metal - project workshop

    • Project based
    • Ambitious beginners to advanced
    • Tuesday, February 22, 2022
    • $95 per student for full day (8 hours with breaks)

    This is a workshop for texture lovers! We will design and showcase a number of dramatic textures and make them work together. Enhancing your clay work with paints and distressing them to make them pop. To have a large canvas for our pieces the necklace with be large and bold!

    We will be:
    • creating textures with simple tools
    • making positive/negative textures
    • making small textures cover bigger areas
    • find storage solutions and re-finding your textures!
    • create heavy textured surface with lots of faux metal clay
    • distressing textures
    • working with templates (provided ones, or your own)
    • mix and match size and shapes of necklace components
    • hanging components, so they stay in place (and yes, that can mean “not straight” as well!)

    After working with this design your mind will be full of ideas for your very own creations! This is a fun and inspiring class for all levels of experience.

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    Custom Findings to Match Your Necklace - technique workshop

    • Technique based
    • Can be combined with Heavy Metal workshop to finish your necklace with the right finding
    • Ambitious beginners to advanced
    • Thursday, February 17, 2022
    • $55 per student for half day (3-4 hours with breaks)

    This workshop can be combined with my Heavy Metal workshop, but it also can stand alone! (You can take one or both workshops, as you like!

    ) Have you ever been frustrated with commercial findings and the way they stick out from your carefully created necklaces? Me too! That΄s why I decided to make my own findings, that go well with my pieces, both in size and in style! Now my necklaces have findings in the same style and look of my original necklaces. No more cringe worthy way of closing your necklace.

    We will:
    • look at samples of various findings and discus why and how they work.
    • select the right shape and style for your piece.
    • explore how components work together?
    • connect findings with your necklace string material.
    • find out what will you need for findings in general.
    This workshop will give you the tools to make your own custom findings for any of your future creations. This is a fun and inspiring class for all levels of experience.

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