Anke Humpert- coloured bands
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  • Clayathon 2021 - Virtual Retreat and Workshops

    SIGNAL necklace - virual class sign in here

    necklace - project workshop

    Learn Anke's technique for creating her "signal" necklace! The all polymer clay construction is novel and easy at the same time. In this full day class Anke will teach how make:

    your necklace, with her special construction!

    how to design the "signal" beads

    how to make stencils for an easier workflow

    how to work with geometric shapes to enhance the design

    create a flexible construction

    adjust standard tools to your own needs and add new twists to them.

    This is a fun and inspiring class for all levels of experience.

    virtual workshop

    1 day project class via zoom
    8 hours, with a lunch break


    Skill Level: ambitious beginners to advanced
    Instructional fee: $95 per student (8 hours, plus break).

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